Weight Loss for Women over 40

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Why it Doesn’t Work and How it Can Work

Women over 40 in the United States generally have one very specific shared obsession: losing weight. They are constantly bombarded with claims of effective weight loss- secrets of the stars, fool-proof fad diets, etc. How many women try these diets? Probably hundreds of thousands, and how many lose weight over 40? Maybe a few- the ones that end up gaining all of it back plus forty pounds. Something has to be wrong. This cannot be some strange coincidence, and it isn’t. The way in which we think about our weight, our bodies, and the attention we put towards finding out why we eat is what needs to change in order to see real changes in our bodies and our minds.

Treat herself with the care

The first thing- and maybe the hardest thing- a woman needs to do is treat herself like she would treat her favorite possession. A woman needs to treat herself with the care, compassion, and unconditional love she shows others in her life. One of the main reasons women over 40 fail and fail again at weight loss is the unforgiving manor in which she treats herself. Unrealistic expectations, periods of mirror gazing and frowning- picking out every flaw, and images from the media picking out more flaws. This leads to these crazy expectations followed by periods of extreme motivation- a drastic change in lifestyle. Unfortunately, when a lifestyle is changed this much so quickly, it is bound to go back to normal, and probably worse.

When a woman is thinking about her goals for weight loss, she should not think about actually how to lose weight over 40. She should think about treating her body well, and she should think hard about what causes her to participate in destructive activities, such as over-eating, which cause her to remain overweight. She should write out weekly goals, making sure to start very gradually- making one small change after another week after week. At the same time, she should be keeping a journal about the feelings she is having when she wants to eat something unhealthy, and in this way, she can see patterns and change her eating psychology while changing her body.

Exercising can also start this way. Many times, the thought of exercising can be overwhelming, especially for someone who has no desire to do it. Exercising is treating your body well as much as eating well is, and this should be the goal- to treat yourself as well as possible. It is very important, also, to have your exercise routine be as gradually-changing as the eating. Start with small weekly goals, and write down what you feel when you know you could/should be exercising and aren’t.

These changes don’t have to be as hard as they seem. Taking on the task of losing weight is something which is hard to think about, and even harder to do. However, treating yourself well, and being mentally and physically healthy, is not hard to think about or do.