How to Stick with the Diet and Exercise Plan This Time

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How to Stay Motivated

If you are like most people, you have tried to stick with a diet and exercise plan many times before, only to eventually go back to all your old bad habits. You hear yourself saying you tried this time. You really believe you gave it your best shot. For Pete’s sake I hope you know how full of hot air you are.

How to Stay Motivated

For the love of all get out, please stop making excuses and get real!

Look down. Like what you see? How is that tummy feeling lately? Your jeans; how do they fit? I bet you look stunning naked. What about those stairs you have to climb at work; how do they make you feel? In an average day do you find yourself at all out of breath, short of breath, tired, depressed, or irritable? Are you overweight, or even obese maybe? Go look in the mirror, no not only at your eyes, or your hair, or your pretty little nails cutey. I mean go over to your full length mirror, take your tarps off and really look. Look down; look behind you too. Yep that’s you babe.

How to Stick with the Diet and Exercise Plan This Time

We’ve all been there, myself included. One day you look in the mirror, I mean really look, and you are eerily shocked by what you see staring back at you. Who the hell is that, you think to yourself. For some of us the image is enough to motivate us to head back to the gym. For others the image proves to be too much psychologically, and so we shut down instead. Rather than pick ourselves up, we shut ourselves down. The road ahead is too long we think, and desperation consumes us. Ice cream, drizzled with hot fudge and walnuts soothes our internal despair. Ahh the bittersweet rewards of denial and lack of self responsibility.

There is the ability in all of us to sink or swim. In us is exactly what we need to succeed in life. All we need to do is recognize that fact. You don’t have to be obese. You do have a choice. You can eat six slices of pizza instead of one, or even two, or you can eat a grilled chicken salad. You don’t have to lay on that sinking couch all afternoon. You can walk around the block just once tonight. You don’t have to be a size 16, 20, or 24. You can be a size 12, a 10 or a 6 if you really, really wanted to.

I am no better than you, nor are you any better than me. There is no human being anywhere who deserves to be any happier than you deserve to be. If you are obese however, the problem is you don’t believe that.

When you know your worth, you begin to flow with energy that will naturally guide you toward happiness, rather than try to walk against it. When you know you deserve to look great naked, you plant a seed of renewal in your mind. When your mind receives this information from your consciousness, it then has no other choice but to help you create behaviors that will bring you toward even more happiness. Suddenly your brain begins to point you toward the fruits and vegetables at the grocery store, and away from the chips and soda. The idea of laying your fat butt on the couch all afternoon begins to disgust you. You suddenly have the strange urge to walk around the block after dinner. Before long you notice you are smiling more, and even a bit happier inside.
In order to stick with any diet or exercise program, you must know your own mind. If you believe you are too far gone to change now, your brain believes you. Your brain will not argue with your mammoth butt. In fact, if you continue to live a sedentary lifestyle, your brain will believe that is what you want. You are the puppeteer of your own mind. Be careful what you think.
Stay motivated by creating your own thoughts. Battle your old thought patterns, the ones that lead you to eat the entire chocolate cake with your fingers, as you stood devouring it in front of the fridge. Don’t you hate those moments?

Take a breath and know that in the next minute you can go and eat an apple, or walk around the block. You can drink a full 8 oz. of water or throw away that damn box of oh so freaking delicious double chocolate fudge cookies that are calling your name. Learn to detach your thoughts from food. Loosen the invisible, irrational ties ideas of food have on you and free yourself of the emotional bondage you seem to be sinking in. Journal your thoughts. See your thoughts and think yourself to health.