Weight Loss Assessment : A Prerequisite for Permanent Weight Loss

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When you decide to lose weight, where do you begin? I mean you have to be in the right frame of mind, there has to be some sort of personal motivation, and most of all you have to believe you can actually do this. Try to forget about the failed past attempts, the medications, the diet doctors, the shakes, and bars, and meal replacements, and blah, blah, blah. Perhaps this time you promise it will be different. You’ll be more determined because you’ve got something to prove, or seeking revenge on an ex, or you’re getting married. All appropriate explanations, but they are temporary and it’s about something much greater. What happens after the points have been made and the monumental events pass by? Take the time to prepare mentally for the changes that are about to occur. As adults, we struggle to support and motivate from within, because we our hardest on ourselves. Weight loss is no exception to the rule. It’s overwhelming, time-consuming, and very unforgiving to say the least, but these same characteristics are what make it so rewarding as well.

The weight loss experience cannot exist if no belief exists. It is a premise developed by personal experience and perseverance. I love how I feel and I want to help others feel the same way. It solved many problems for me, even the ones I was not aware of or least willing to admit. This is only the first stage to what I believe will be the first day of the rest of your life. I assure the facts and the know-how becomes instinctive as the mission flourishes. It will be a monumental accomplishment, guaranteed.

I must remind you to always consult your physician and seek the advice of a nutrition expert and personal trainer. Be sure to ask questions and take control, but be open to constructive aid. If problems arise, handle them immediately and maturely (in all avenues of your life).

This is the time to be selfish because it is a time to improve upon yourself, and no one can do that for you or better than you. Now I’m not suggesting neglect, or impoliteness towards others, but whenever possible put your best interests on you first. Some may not understand, and be very verbal about it, but if you recognize that you have truly been a positive individual then you must realize the problem doesn’t lie within you and continue moving forward.

Let’s Begin…

Caring and Loving Oneself − If you can’t love and appreciate yourself in the present it will not happen after the weight loss. Sure there may be feelings of disappointment and discouragement, but this will be a different experience. This may be a last attempt for many. Take the time to be beautiful, show off, command attention, and exude confidence, because it will only improve as pounds shed.

Commitment and Openness to Change − There is no one right way to weight loss; what works for one may not work for another. Therefore, there is a need of willingness to adapt and understand. There may be plateaus along the way, but preparation can accommodate for these moments. This may involve consultation, varying eating plans, altering exercise regimes, and definitely includes researching and educating yourself.

Be Honest − Try to be realistic not only in coming up with an ultimate goal, but in the general reason(s) for wanting to lose weight. Whether it is purely superficial, conceived by retribution, or for a healthier and longer life, be sincere and truthful. If it motivates, use it. These inspirations will change or be revised along your path. As far as a particular weight loss goal is concerned, be sure to set smaller objectives that will lead to that definitive goal.

Relinquish the Scale − Yes, the infamous scale can be perceived as positive reinforcement, but can also be become a crutch. In the mission to loss fat it is crucial to remember fat weighs less than muscle, but is greater in volume, meaning it occupies more space in comparison to muscle. But fat loss is not the only factor to an improved appearance, it incorporates building muscle as well, therefore fat loss will be accompanied by muscle gain. The scale only reflects the amount weighed, unless it is equipped with a fat percentage indicator. Let clothing become the replacement of the scale. Try on an article of clothing that once fit snug. Is there a difference? Even if it is a diminutive change, it is still a step in the right direction. The way one looks and feels in clothing is truly immeasurable numerically. When weighing in, do so only once a week and around the same time of day. A measuring tape is an inexpensive investment to indicate inches lost, when the scale may not seem so supportive of your efforts.

Get Organized − Weight loss journals are great ways to keep track of food and liquid intake, weight and body measurements, and to remain focused. Be sure to express any particular moods, advice, amount and type of exercise, or general observations throughout the week as well. Create a folder to collect any articles, recipes, or any valuable information regarding weight loss. Organization is significant in developing weekly meal plans and resists the desires of temptation. Even when grocery shopping, buy only what is needed according to a specific, well-thought out grocery list.

Accept Reward − Hard work is nothing without reward and vise versa. It is a principle reliant on balance and coordinates well in relation to weight loss. There is no need to become a health guru. There is no need for atonement if there is a day or even a few days of deceit. In fact, it is suggested that one day a week be considered a free day; a time to recollect and regroup. Enjoy a favorite meal or treat. This aids in continued weight loss as it satisfies cravings on a cyclic basis. If food isn’t what you crave, consider purchasing a new article of clothing as a reward. Get a pedicure, a massage, a body wrap, just as long as you appreciate the moment.

Get Ready to Have Some Fun − Weight loss may be an involved task, but it doesn’t mean it has to be monotonous. This is a time to try new things. Try new and interesting foods. Prepare a meal in a different way, a healthier way of course. There may be some pleasant surprises along the way, exercise included. If swimming was a favorite past-time as a child, then do that. “Playing” as an adolescent has now evolved into “exercise” as an adult and a perfect reminder of a youthful essence and enjoyment.

I consider this information the Seven Wonders to Permanent Weight Loss and value it. They remind and motivate me daily and can do the very same for you. It was very important for me to clear my mind and prepare emotionally to lose weight. I attacked it like I would anything else in life I wanted to succeed in. I had to make it precious to improve its worth.